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Hardcore Justice VIP Chat Announced

01 August 20114 comments Featured


The action may be in the ring when TNA Wrestling and Direct Auto Insurance presents Hardcore Justice – but die-hard fans of know that the rest of the story happens during the exclusive LIVE! VIP Chat!  Each month, our exclusive VIP Chats at our live pay-per-view-event bring you the Stars of IMPACT WRESTLING as you’ve never seen them before and the Hardcore Justice VIP Chat will prove to be no exception.  Reserve your seat in our exclusive VIP Chat room complete with live video and live audio feed as we bring select Stars of IMPACT WRESTLING to you to answer your questions live during the three hour event.

Your seat can be reserved in one of two ways:

To reserve your seat today, either purchase the pay-per-view event in HD on at the following link – (Note: We will send you your access to the VIP Chat up to 30 minutes prior to the event start)

Not in an area where you can watch the PPV?  Already watching the PPV on cable or satellite?  Use PayPal to purchase the VIP Chat only and we will mail you (up to 30 minutes before the even start) your access code for the chat.

To purchase the VIP Chat, click the “Buy Now” button.

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